Spam emails

On Sunday morning I started receiving a large number of mail delivery notifications for bounced spam emails being sent to random people using my email address as the return sender. I’ve had some emails from (justifiably) angry people about this. If you received one of these emails and followed the domain to end up here then please understand that I did not send these emails to you, nor did they come from any of my computers.

The reason this is happening is that email spammers will find a legitimate email address and use it to send spam from their networks of compromised computers called “botnets“, because the return address is legitimate this helps them bypass spam filters.

If you received one of these emails though, do not follow links they contain and do not open any attachments they might have, doing so will confirm your email address is valid and result in you receiving more spam and attachments often contain viruses that might recruit your PC into the botnet or worse. If you do reply to them it will be to me, not the spammer and I do not have anything to do with them other than that they are using my address without my permission.

I don’t know why they chose my email address, but I know it won’t last long before they will switch to another and carry on trying to make email just about useless for everyone, I just need to ride this one out and delete the backsplash.